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French Artist Draws Attention to Women’s Killings in Mexico

By: Monica Faro

MADRID (EFE).- To denounce the hundreds of crimes against women that go unsolved and unpunished in Ciudad Juarez, French artist Peggy Adam speaks through the pictures in “Luchadoras” (Female Fighters), a comic that calls attention to the hundreds who have been tortured, raped, kidnapped and murdered in that Mexican border city. The insecurity, the fear, the desperation of families and the constant threats suffered by mothers of the victims who demand justice are just part of the drama Peggy Adam portrays in this graphic novel of less than 100 pages, born of her “shock” at hearing some their testimonies. “The reality was much worse than I thought,” the author told EFE, adding that she learned of the tragic situation in Ciudad Juarez through an article in the Swiss edition of the Amnesty International magazine, which described the killings as an “epidemic” and denounced the impunity that lets hundreds of murderers of women go free. Ciudad Juarez, considered