Frank Stella Appears in New Masters Series at Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle


TOLEDO, OH.- Frank Stella, a 2010 winner of the U.S. National Medal of Arts, inaugurated a new series of public programs featuring renowned artists and scholars at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle. “The Ambassadors have been the generators and supporters of big ideas around the Museum for many years,” Kennedy said. “They founded Collector‟s Corner, created a national award-winning cookbook and generally promote the Museum and its activities. We‟re pleased that they are willing to support this next big Museum initiative.” Kennedy was working on an exhibition devoted to Frank Stella‟s Irregular Polygons for the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College when he was named the ninth director of the Toledo Museum of Art. While fulfilling his final obligations as director of the Hood Museum last fall, Stella encouraged Kennedy to bring these