Francis Bacon Drawing Foundation Shows Seven Works on Paper by Francis Bacon


VENICE.- The exhibition ‘FBACON7’ shows 7 works on paper by Francis Bacon. It concerns 6 colored and a monochromatic drawing of the Italian collection. As experts know and have widely recognized, Francis Bacon produced no small number of drawings, given the sheer volume of sheaves that have emerged, little by little, following his death. The issue has also been definitively rendered official by the presence of a great deal of drawings in the London Tate collection, as well as in the Hugh Lane Gallery collection in Dublin. Another thing that has been widely recognized is that among all the drawings that have surfaced, the Italian drawings are unquestionably the most complete, the closest to his art, the closest to his paintings. The urban legend that Bacon did not make any drawings, did not do sketches, but rather went right to the canvas with large brushes soaked with color and let instinct and chance events guide his hand, making his painting entirely un-