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Francis Alys Awarded the BACA 2010 ~ Biennial Award for Contemporary Art

Francis Alÿs in collaboration with Cuauhtemoc Medina and Rafael Ortega When Faith Moves Mountains, 2000-2002 / Documentary version, DVD / Included in the 6th Mercosul Biennial

MAASTRICHT, NL – The jury, comprised of Enrico
Lunghi, Dirk Snauwaert and Alexander van Grevenstein, has decided unanimously to
award the BACA 2010 to Francis Alÿs (B – 1959).
For over twenty years,
he has lived in Mexico City, and recently also in Casablanca. The BACA,
the Biennial Award for Contemporary Art, is intended as a tribute to an artist
for his or her adventurous oeuvre and visible influence on other (younger)
The award ceremony and the opening will take place on Saturday
6 and Sunday 7 November 2010.