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France-Based Media Artist Katrin Jakobsen Exhibits at ZKM

KARLSRUHE.- The exhibition “everything is going to be alright” comprises mixed-media installations, a photo series, and two videos on the current topic of child abuse. The France-based media artist, Katrin Jakobsen, born in Hamburg in 1958, explains that the idea for this project developed from one of the photo series she did for the Swedish magazine Elle in 2006 on UNICEF’s aid to HIV positive children in Thailand and Cambodia. Jakobsen’s research led to her confrontation with the reality of thousands of abandoned, abused, and mistreated street children who sell their bodies to so-called sex tourists. These images pursued her so greatly that a complex artistic project, spanning several years, arose. The twenty large-format photos in the exhibition show scenes of violence and abuse of children, a world that takes place behind closed doors. Jakobsen avoids staging voyeuristic scenes in her photos. Instead, she seeks a discursive perspective, as photographer