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Four artists explore how parts make up the whole in "Fragmented" at the Hunterdon Art Museum

CLINTON, NJ.- The Hunterdon Art Museum opened an exhibition of work by four artists: Astrid Bowlby, Ben Butler, Sebastian Rug, and Christopher Skura. The show, titled Fragmented, explores how all four of the artists presented create art work that is the result of extremely labor intensive processes. The end result of the effort is art that is solid, yet fragile; if one piece or thread was moved or removed, the entire structure would collapse. Each piece in the show is constructed of repeating parts. In some works, such as Sebastian Rug’s drawings, it is a repetition of the same or similar marks. In others, such as those by Christopher Skura, the repeating parts are the layers of drawing, rather than the marks themselves. They are all assembled piece by piece, whether drawn on paper or constructed from wood. Astrid Bowlby grows her drawings through a slow and meticulous process. She is focused on building a