For Its First Participation at Paris Photo, Ilan Engel Gallery Puts the Focus on Arnaud de Gramont


PARIS.- For its participation in the Paris Photo Show from 10 to 13 November 2011, Ilan Engel Gallery is designing a stand (no. A11) on the theme of “Contemporary Forests”, a marriage between force and fragility, light and shadow. Ilan Engel will be showing the enigmatic forest borders photographed by Romanian artist Mihai Mangiulea, and Tolstoy’s haunted woods captured by Stephan Crasneanscki. Also present will be the sensitive work of Arnaud de Gramont as he explores the Australian forests in search of the essential. Born in 1960 in Paris, where he still lives, Arnaud de Gramont opened an interior design agency in 1986 before choosing to devote himself to photography in 2003. “That professional practice has allowed me to broaden my outlook on the perceptions we have of space. For me, it essentially comes down to two words: geometry and light. These are the parameters I emphasize when taking pictures. It’s an ar