First Solo Exhibition by Michael Patterson-Carver in London at Timothy Taylor Gallery


LONDON.- Timothy Taylor Gallery presents the first solo exhibition by the American artist Michael Patterson-Carver in London. On display in the gallery’s Viewing Room, the show will feature recent works on paper. Born in 1958, Patterson-Carver’s life and career have been shaped by his exposure as a young child to the US civil rights movement. His art and life are now inseparable. Taking a frank look at the political realm, Patterson-Carver’s work often represents well-known world leaders and people in power as well as ordinary men and women in their desire for change through direct action and demonstrations. The power mongers are mocked through caricature, while ordinary folk are depicted with grace and respect. By giving form to, and poking fun at, the failure of world leadership and the disastrous effects of hypercapitalism, his drawings are a form of sympathetic magic, channeling the desire or power t