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First Major UK Installation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park by Artist Aeneas Wilder

WAKEFIELD.- On 30 July Yorkshire Sculpture Park presented the first major UK installation by international artist Aeneas Wilder. Wilder uses uniform lengths of wood, without fixing materials, to make freestanding and increasingly complex, awe-inspiring structures. Conceived especially for Longside Gallery, Untitled #155 commands the vast space, creating an apparently solid structure that is also extremely fragile. Wilder both references and challenges ideas about architecture by providing an enclosed, seemingly safe space for visitors to inhabit, but one which is unstable and liable to collapse. Wilder’s compositions dominate the spaces they occupy, encouraging visitors to enter and interact with the work. After three months on exhibition at YSP, Untitled #155 will be completed with the UK’s first ‘kick down’ event, a powerful act executed by the artist that brings