First Major Survey of David Claerbout’s Work in Belgium at WIELS


BRUSSELS.- In this first major survey of David Claerbout’s work in Belgium, the development of the artist’s practice is traced across both thematic and chronological lines. Although he originally trained as a painter, the Belgian artist has made a name for himself with video, film, and photographic projections characterized by slowness, precision, and by the unraveling or freezing of time such that time itself is made almost physically palpable. As The Time that Remains, the title of his exhibition suggests, temporality and duration are the central axes along which this exhibition of his work is built. It thus follows the evolution of his practice from wide-screen projections of his now well-known and almost imperceptibly slow videos created with simple animation techniques to films made with complex digital recording technologies, alongside lesser known photographic and online works as well. The Time that Remains features twelve projections—from his earliest works Cat and