First exhibition surveying the work of Sylvia Wishart RSA opens at the Royal Scottish Academy


EDINBURGH.- The Royal Scottish Academy presents their first exhibition surveying the work of Sylvia Wishart RSA, featuring drawings, paintings, printmaking and artefacts from the artist’s studio. The works on display concentrate on Orkney, where Wishart spent her time painting mostly in two locations, on the mainland near Stromness and on the island of Hoy, where she found herself endlessly fascinated by Rackwick Bay. Born in 1936 in Stromness, Orkney, Wishart decided to wait a few years before taking the encouraging advice of her school art teacher Ian MacInnes, instead opting for a career in the Post Office and painting in her spare time. Eventually she conceded and enrolled as a mature student at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. After this came various teaching posts in Lewis, Orkney and Aberdeenshire before she returned to Gray’s in 1969 to take on a lecturing position, where, over the yea