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First Exhibition for Peter Lemmens at Galerie van der Mieden

ANTWERP.- For the first time, Peter Lemmens (Mechelen 1975) shows his work in Galerie van der Mieden. Earlier, he already exhibited in Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer in Antwerp, MAC’s Museum in Grand Hornu, Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, at Liste Basel and Frieze in London. This exhibition shows 3 video installations, photo work and an installation mounted on the wall. However, it’s not about multimedia art, photography or video. Peter Lemmens looks at these art forms purely as instruments, as if you would look at a normal hammer. It’s a simple, practical and useful object, but you can’t ‘understand’ a hammer. You can only understand what its purpose is, which becomes clear when someone knocks a nail into a wall. With his work, Peter Lemmens knocks nails into walls. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the work itself, because it wants us to have an insight into a