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First comprehensive Thomas Ruff exhibition in more than a decade at Haus der Kunst

MUNICH.- In the first comprehensive exhibition in more than a decade, Thomas Ruff presents the work series that made him internationally renowned. The show depicts Ruff’s artistic development in chronological order: starting with his first series begun in 1979 of German ‘Interieurs’, via ‘Porträts’, ‘Häuser’ and ‘Sterne’, to the series of the 1990’s including ‘Zeitungsfotos’, ‘Nächte’, ‘Plakate’ and ‘andere Porträts’. The arch spans from ‘l.m.v.d.r.’ and ‘nudes’ via ‘Maschinen’, ‘Substrat’, ‘Zycles’, ‘jpeg’ and ‘cassini’ to the present with the topographical images of Mars (‘ma.r.s.’), begun in 2011. Included for the first time in a presentation and its mediation is material relating to the reception of the work and the sources that inspired Thomas Ruff. This material provides access to Ruff’s conceptual su