Filthy New Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London Explores Importance of Dirt


LONDON (AP).- Dirt has a bad image. Muck, we think: yuck. But getting your hands dirty can also be irresistible, as every child knows. A major new museum exhibition in London asks visitors to think again about the filthy and the fetid, exploring the role of dirt as humanity’s enemy and ally in history, art, science and medicine. “Dirt is something we make and encounter every day,” said James Peto, senior curator at the Wellcome Collection, where the exhibition opens Thursday. Peto said the exhibition — “Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life” — explores both the good and bad sides of dirt. “Some of it, in the right quantities and the right place, is good for us,” he said. “Soil in the sense of ‘soiled sheets’ is bad, but soil where vegetables grow feeds us. “And it’s where we all end up in the end.” Filth’s intimacy