Film, Two-Dimensional Images and the Structural Use of Color by Liz Larner at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Tanya Bonakdar Gallery presents the gallery’s first exhibition of work by Liz Larner. Bringing film, two-dimensional images and the structural use of color to bear on sculptural expression, Larner’s work demonstrates an innovative approach to the centrality of form. The artist presents an atmosphere that allows significance to arise from abstract relationships. Larner uses color to modify and reinvent, rather than reinforce the sculptural form. In this exhibition, Michelangelo Antonioni’s first color film, Red Desert, (1964) is taken as a point of departure, as themes from the film are readdressed and reconsidered. Lines and hues create separate illusions, as color and shape express themselves poetically and contribute to the emotional aspects of the works. The sculptures are subversive and sublime – they expand the possibilities