Fans Rally to Raise Money for RoboCop Statue in Detroit


DETROIT, MI (REUTERS).- Like RoboCop himself in the cult classic movie, plans for a statue of the mechanized crime fighter in Detroit may not be dead after all. On Monday, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing touched off a debate on the internet when his office rejected a suggestion that the struggling city erect a statue to RoboCop. The question had come into the mayor’s office via Twitter from someone who later tweeted that the idea had been a joke. But by Thursday, more than 4,000 people had joined a Facebook page to support the idea of bringing a RoboCop statue to Detroit, and a group of artists pledged to raise $50,000 to fund its construction in an online campaign. In the 1987 movie starring Peter Weller, a mortally wounded Detroit police officer is brought back to life as a half-man, half-machine crime-fighter. Some Detroiters have argued that the city should not celebrate a movi