Famous Chinese Modernist Painter Wu Guanzhong Dies at 90


Wu Guanzhong - "Zhoushan Harbour", 1980, - Oil on Board, h: 46 x w: 61 cm. - Courtesy of Anna Ning Fine Art

CHINA –  Wu Guanzhong, known as one of the fathers of modern Chinese art

for combining western and Chinese elements in black and white oil
paintings, has
died. He was 90. He died in Beijing on Friday. Wu’s works have become
valuable in recent years. Earlier this month, his oil painting from 1974

depicting the Yangtze River sold for $8.4 million at a Beijing auction. For decades he
had been exploring ways of reconciling the two traditions, and in his
work shows
a mutual influence of Chinese and Western styles. He was a most
artist and played an important role in contemporary art history, as an
artist, a
teacher, and an essayist.