Faggionato Fine Art Presents ‘Lingua Franca’, Exhibition of New Works by Tarka Kings


LONDON.- Faggionato Fine Art presents Lingua Franca, an exhibition of new works by Tarka Kings. The show marks a new direction in Kings’ practice, comprising a series of highly-worked large-scale drawings that begin with a single scene or image and progress into a formal exploration of mark-making and patterning. Comprising subtle tonal shifts achieved through intensely detailed textures, the drawings embody a balance between restraint and emotion. Figureless scenes are imbued with tension through finely wrought surfaces, contrasts in medium and fragments of text. The exhibition is on view from May 6 through June 3, 2011. Lingua Franca refers to the polyglot creole spoken on the Mediterranean trading routes, a unifying language derived from multiple sources. Thus the works demonstrate a