Extended Drawing: Exhibition by artist Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman & Richard Serra


MAASTRICHT.- Extended Drawing focuses on a specific aspect of the work of American artists Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman and Richard Serra. The exhibition shows works in which line and drawing are taken beyond their original boundaries. The exhibition brings four artists together, who belong to the ‘classical’ generation that gave direction to American art from the mid-sixties. These four artists have consistently used drawing in their zeal to strip art of easy (false) sentimentality and an over-emphasized subjectivity. Their endeavour to achieve universality leads them to a far-reaching objectification of visual means. Extended Drawing stands for the art that transcends the limitations of all the traditional values that are part and parcel of the various mediums. For some time already, painting and sculpture have demonstrated all sorts of ‘extended’ forms, including significant contributions by these four artists. However, until now, the inclusion of drawing has not