Exhibition ‘The Dutch East Indies at Home’ Opens at Amsterdam’s Museum Geelvinck


AMSTERDAM.- Amsterdam’s Museum Geelvinck presents the third exhibition in the series Asia from the Heart. ‘The Dutch East Indies at Home – traces of a colonial past’ will run from April 21 to October 10, 2011. The exhibition focuses on those traces of the former Dutch East Indies colony, which still linger in Dutch homes; remnants discernible in many aspects of Dutch culture. The exhibition features an array of tangible memories, many of them collected in the days when the island archipelago of today’s Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies. Memories that in the intimacy of a family’s home still embody a specific Dutch East Indies character. Memories that live on as family histories, as decorative elements on living room walls, as mementoes on mantelpieces, or objects hidden away in drawers of old chests. Aromas and flavours that have become part of the Dutch culinary tradition. What coul