Exhibition on the Use of Shadow Opens at Kunsthal KAdE


AMERSFOORT.- From 18 September 2010 to 9 January 2011 on show at Kunsthal KAdE, the exhibition ‘ShadowDance’. ‘ShadowDance’ is a group exhibition featuring work by more than thirty visual artists, all operating on the international art scene and all fascinated by the effect of shadow. The exhibits will vary in terms of content and form. The common denominator will be the use of shadow – and more particularly moving shadows – as a crucial means of visual expression. The artists use shadow as a metaphor for a range of (sometimes heavy-weight) themes: time – alter ego – evil – death. But the shadow phenomenon also inspires more light-hearted work involving the creation of illusions and shadow ‘play’. At ShadowDance the electric light goes out for a while as, with an imaginary candle flickering in your hand, you are drawn into the sometimes dark but also whimsical worlds evoked by the art. ‘ShadowDance&