Exhibition of Works from 1976-2010 by Herlinde Koelbl at the Munchner Stadtmuseum


MUNICH.- Herlinde Koelbl is one of Germany’s most renowned photographers and producers of documentary films. This exhibition at the Münchner Stadtmuseum displays her multifaceted works. Special emphasis is placed on her photo series “Das deutsche Wohnzimmer” [The German Living Room] which was started in 1980 and portrays people from different social strata inside their living rooms. Similar in topic is her 2002 work “Schlafzimmer” [Bedrooms]. For this series, Herlinde Koelbl traveled to numerous international metropolises to photograph inhabitants in their most private of refuges. The depictions of the male body in her book “Männer” [Men] which was published in 1984 combine sensuality with aggression. The photographer also takes an unusual and entirely new look at the naked female body. Her book “Starke Frauen” [Strong Women] shows not the common image of the beautiful and