Exhibition of Robert Levine’s Vividly Colored, Abstract Paintings at Maloney Fine Art


LOS ANGELES, CA.- Maloney Fine Art presents this exhibition of new paintings by Robert Levine. Robert Levine’s vividly colored, abstract paintings employ a lush and idiosyncratic system of structure and form. Through the use of geometry combined with biomorphic asymmetry these paintings teeter between a banal awkwardness and a poetic elegance. Having devoted many years to making sculptural objects Levine turned to painting around 2002 with a series of works (The Broken Pencil Paintings) inspired by Robert Irwin’s Late Line Paintings. These works set in motion Robert’s current investigation of geometric structure, form and color. Critic Jerry Saltz recently wrote: “The history of modernism reads like an aesthetic Book of the Dead. At the first glimmering of photography, painter Paul Delaroche fretted, “From today, painting is dead.” In 1912, Duchamp mused, “Painting is washed up.” Aleksandr Rodchenko pronounced his 192