Exhibition of Recent Drawings by Richard Serra on View at Gagosian Gallery in Geneva


GENEVA.- Gagosian Gallery presents an exhibition of recent drawings by Richard Serra, executed between 2007 and 2010. Throughout his career, Serra has made drawings as separate, immediate, and fundamental lines of investigation to his sculptures. They are explorations in their own right, integral to the overall concerns of his sculptural practice, and unique intuitive explorations within their own established criteria. Using black paintstick or oilstick, heated to a viscous and sometimes fluid state, he creates elemental forms through direction action on the paper and the accretion of medium. These drawings are self-referential: they do not imply surface and weight but rather they are surface and weight. Dreiser (2009) and Artaud (2010) are from the Greenpoint Rounds series. In these works which each measure almost two meters square, a large black circle is embedded in the surface of the