Exhibition of Photographs by Helmut Newton on View at the Kunsthaus Apolda Avant-Garde


APOLDA.- The road here was long. “For years we had the desire at some point to have a Newton-exhibition in Apolda “, said on Friday Hans Jurgen Giese, Managing Director of the Kunstverein Apolda Avant-Garde. “In mid-2008 I asked the Newton Foundation to bring works of the legendary photographer to the Kunsthaus Apolda. The answer was at that time sobering: It was said that the images would only be shown in major cities, not in the province”. The exhibition includes 75 images from the 1973 to 2002. Among the works are large-format black-and-white and color photographs, featuring such stars as model Naomi Campbell. The exhibition also shows Polaroid series from the collection of fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. Newton fetish performances and images of women in glamorous surroundings are also part of the show. Helmut Newton became an icon by creating icons. He photographed for Vogue ‘and the biggest fashion magazines in the world. With his book, Helmut Newton with his style of f