Exhibition of photographic portraits of Picasso opens at the Museo Picasso Malaga


MALAGA.- The interest that Pablo Picasso aroused among the photographers of his time led to a large number of pictures that have now become part of our collective imagery. This endless quantity of photographs shows us an artist who was devoted to his work and, at the same time, a man with an outstanding talent for self-dramatization. The exhibition MemyselfandI. Photographic Portraits of Picasso, reflects on Picasso’s own role in the construction of his public image and, more specifically, the way he used photography to enhance the cult of his own personality. Jointly organized by Museo Picasso Málaga and Museum Ludwig, Cologne, the exhibition brings together 166 shots by 34 photographers, including some of the greatest names in world photography, such as Man Ray, Brassaï, Robert Doisneau, Dora Maar, Irving Penn, Edward Quinn, Robert Capa,