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Exhibition of New Works by Scream Gallery Artists Featured in "Scream Now"

LONDON.- Scream presents an exhibition of new works by gallery artists Bruce French, Greg Miller, Derrick Santini, Malgosia Stepnik, Petroc Sesti and Russell Young. Scream Now will include new work by some of the freshest talent working in the contemporary art world today. Featuring painting, photography, collage, found objects and prints, the exhibition demonstrates the variety of techniques and skills employed by its artists. Derrick Santini will show for the first time ‘The Magpie’, and the monumental ‘Blue nude descending a staircase’, a 5 x 4 ft lenticular lightbox depicting a statuesque Nubian nude, observed from several viewpoints and illuminated with a midnight blue light. The lenticular process involves photographing a sequence of still images, using live models, which are layered and printed using a special teqhnique, under a ribbed plastic sheet acting as a lens. This results in a hologram-