Exhibition of New Works by Gonzalo Papantonakis at gallery nine5


NEW YORK, NY.- gallery nine5 presents an exhibition of new works by Gonzalo Papantonakis. Gonzalo Papantonakis weaves the written word, disparate objects and abstract images together in energetic installations that re‐imagine pictorial surfaces. Papantonakis’ innovative approach to composition and assemblage continues from that of the Neo‐Dadaists, particularly Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. Forging a new visual language, the artist’s powerful, multi‐dimensional installations are comprised of a staggering range of media and frequently extend onto multiple canvases and panels. This exhibition at gallery nine5 marks a vital point in the artist’s career, heralding both an expansion into a broader repertoire of media, and the emergence of an even greater sophistication with which he explores the influences and motifs present since his earliest artistic explorations. Papantonakis repeats