Exhibition of New Work by Lebanese Artist Mona Hatoum at White Cube Mason’s Yard


LONDON.- White Cube Mason’s Yard presents an exhibition of new work by Mona Hatoum. For this exhibition, entitled ‘Bunker’, Hatoum has transformed the gallery spaces into sites of heightened tension, where global geographies are abstracted and condensed, and themes of mobility, belonging and displacement are explored through three new artworks. On entering the ground floor gallery, visitors are confronted with Suspended, a room densely packed with red and black wooden swings, appearing like a floating archipelago of islands chained to the ceiling. On closer inspection, each of these 35 swings has the street map of a capital city carved into its seat, randomly chosen from six of the seven continents of the world. Each swing is hung at an oblique angle to its neighbour, creating a sense of geographical dislocation rather than connection, alluding perhaps to the constant flux of