Exhibition of new work by Bob & Roberta Smith at Pierogi Gallery’s The Boiler


BROOKLYN, N.Y.- The Pierogi Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Bob & Roberta Smith at The Boiler, featuring his Gotham Golem, conjured by the artist to launch The Art Party and to serve to protect the creative arts. Smith’s work covers a range of genres and media including painting, performance, music, and radio broadcasts, all with a dry, biting humor and a strong DIY spirit. “By combining such diverse media with the language styles of alternative protest movements, folk and punk, Bob and Roberta Smith attempts to challenge established authorities and values, and encourage creativity in people.” (BAC) His previous exhibitions at Pierogi include The Art Amnesty (2002) and Birds are the New Fish: Renaming the New Millennium (1998). The Art Party of the