Exhibition of New Paintings by Sandra Lerner on Display at June Kelly Gallery in New York


NEW YORK, NY.- Parallel Universes, an exhibition of new paintings by Sandra Lerner that display anew her dramatic use of calligraphic form and subtle color to delve into the eternal mysteries of the universe, opened at the June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, on October 7. The works will remain on view through November 9. Her recent paintings, Lerner says, draw upon her long exploration of the similarities between Eastern philosophy and the latesttest theories in physics and cosmology. “I try to incorporate calligraphy’s expressive force to conjure up references to nature as well the multiple universes that exist.” In an essay on Lerner’s new work, art writer Phyllis Braff says, “A very physical, very energetic and very direct interpretation of Japanese calligraphy became a part of Sandra Lerner’s painting approach at an early point in her career. Now, …she further explores calligr