Exhibition of mystical tales by infamous storytellers at Berlin’s Strychnin Gallery


BERLIN.- Strychnin Gallery opened an exhibition of mystical tales visualized by the infamous storytellers Benjamin Vierling, Marcus Poston, Raf Veulemans and Saturno Butto‘. The exhibition showcases a series of artworks which inevitably present their beholders with narratives that frequently cause mixed feelings and which are often perceived differently by each individual. In many cases beauty, dismay and curiosity are terms that come up at the same time when the works of these visual storytellers are being discussed. Benjamin A. Vierling was born in San Francisco and has been studying painting since he could hold a brush. His work utilizes the renaissance technique of mixing egg tempera and oil paints. Specializing in mythical portraits, arcane symbolism, and vanitas themed still lives, his paintings have appeared on numerous book and album covers, including Joanna Newsom’s critically acclaimed record,