Exhibition of Four Single Colour Paintings by Stuart Cumberland at The Approach


LONDON.- Stuart Cumberland is a great painter. However, as brilliant as he may be, a good painter is like a fluent speaker of an obscure language, on holiday in the U.S. Ultimately someone’s going to ask “D’ya speak English?”. If communication requires the use of dominant currencies of cultural exchange, then celebrity and mass consumption have become such dominant currencies. Sidestepping without ignoring these topics, the “Four Circle Paintings” in this exhibition take up the debates of the art historical legacy of painting, which has wrestled with the above for over a century. Whilst adopting techniques and attitudes related to commercial acumen and mass production these new abstract paintings take simple visual pleasure as their target. This solo exhibition, Cumberland’s third at The Approach, consists of four single colour paintings of four hand drawn circles. The gestural drawing and rapid colouring in that ar