Exhibition of eight paintings by Francisca Sutil on view at Nohra Haime Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Francisca Sutil, Interlude, an exhibition of 8 paintings executed in pigmented gesso and oil on linen, will be on view at the Nohra Haime Gallery from March 6th through April 28th. “Interlude by Francisca Sutil is a series of works of medium format that give account of her pictorial research of 18 months of work to be added to the nearly thirty years of tireless pursuit. Her construction of a visual code, synthetic and deep, characterized by transparencies, color and vibration, is but a visible expression of what this artist has taken as leit motiv throughout her life: the awareness of the evolution of man and the stages through which we go in life. Thus, each color is executed by stripes that repeat and alternate, activating the vibrations of the soul, leaving a halo in the memory of the observer”. – Loretto Buttazzoni “I traveled for one year after my exhibition at the Museum