Exhibition of Artists that Reframe Photography Opens at Marlborough Chelsea


NEW YORK, NY.- Marlborough Chelsea presents Intersection: Photography / Painting / Document, an exhibition that brings together the work of sixteen contemporary artists whose concepts and practices recharge and reframe the historic canon of photography in a number of ways. The field of photography has traditionally involved an artist taking a camera in hand to make an image. Many artists in Intersection: Photography / Painting / Document do not wield a camera, and those who do use a camera do not shoot straight or documentary photographs. Manipulations of technique and form mark the work of these artists. They are employing innovation and re-evaluating their medium and message as they recast and reconsider key themes in contemporary culture such as: time, place, politics, the body, language, and identity. The 1980s saw a great shift in the importance of photography as a medium of artistic expression that rivaled pa