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Exhibition in Bonn features the journeys August Macke undertook during his brief life

BONN.- To help mark the 125th birthday of August Macke (1887 – 1914) the August Macke Haus for the first time highlights his extensive travels. The fascination of the unknown and search for new creative impulses have for centuries caused artists to travel far and wide. August Macke was no exception and embarked on a number of trips to satisfy his curiosity and to experience at first hand beautiful regions and cities rich in culture. Although he only lived to the age of 27, he traveled to many different countries in his short life; beginning in 1904 he undertook at least one trip every year. His first study trips took the young student to the Rhine and into Germany’s hilly Eifel region. He twice traveled to Italy, the classic destination of Europeans seeking to complete their education, and he engaged in an artistic discourse with masterpieces of past ages in several