Exhibition Featuring Works from the Bischofberger Collection Opens at Kunsthalle Bielefeld


BIELEFELD.- On Sunday, March 13, 2011, the Kunsthalle Bielefeld will open its newest exhibition, The 80s Revisited: The Bischofberger Collection II. This show marks the apex of our two-part presentation of works by the most important painters of the 1980s, on loan from the private collection of Swiss art dealer Bruno Bischofberger.While the first part focused mainly on works by young German and Italian artists, the second part concentrates on major figures from the New York art scene. Andy Warhol is represented by numerous works, as is Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, George Condo, David Salle, Mike Bidlo, and Miquel Barceló. The “Collaborations” by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, and Andy Warhol (which Bischofberger began commissioning in 1984) will also be shown. Here, the differences and similarities among the artists are particularly obvious. These works, many of them extremely large,