Exhibition featuring recent canvases by Syrian painter Thaier Helal at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai


DUBAI.- Ayyam Gallery, Dubai presents “ In Army We Trust ” an exhibition featuring recent canvases by Syrian painter Thaier Helal. Known for his large mixed media canvases that perpetually demonstrate the evolution of his artistic style, the artist presents an entire new body of work incorporating photographs of the Syrian military forces originally taken by the media. Helal’s photographs are re-staged and enlarged in ways that provoke a direct – physical encounter with the images. The works presented have a shared quality under which is heavy and deeply meaningful, which only immerse the viewer even deeper in his thoughts. Over the last decade, the ongoing political turbulence, military conflicts within the Middle East and their uneasy aftermath have impacted on a generation of contemporary artists which led Helal to consequently explore such a theme as the Army’s role in today’s society. His