Exhibition celebrates one of the most important galleries in Germany: Der Sturm


WUPPERTAL.- With the opening of the gallery “Der Sturm” in 1912, Herwarth Walden marked a new chapter in the fascinating history of modern art. Until 1928 the gallery remained an important center for the avant-garde movements and one of the most important galleries in Germany which became a spiritual home for all the most prominent contemporary groups of artists such as the “Blaue Reiter”, the futurists, kubists and the new constuctivists. However, “Der Sturm” was not only a place for the display of most recent contemporary art but also a place for the teaching of art and experimental performances. The gallery organized readings and modern music evenings and since 1910 already Herwarth Walden published the famous magazine “Der Sturm” which had become the central forum of discussion for all the ideas and tendencies within modern art, music and poetry.