Exhibition by photographer Franco Fontana opens at the Modern Art Institute in Valencia


VALENCIA.- Franco Fontana was born in Modena in 1933, and in the course of the last fifty years he has pursued a wide-ranging international career, presenting numerous exhibitions and publications all over the world. This show at the IVAM is a wide-ranging retrospective of his work, following historical and thematic criteria that will allow the visitor to chart his work. Franco Fontana sets out from a conception of photography as a creative activity in which the relationship with nature or reality is accompanied by an intense poetic projection. He made this clear in an interview some years ago: “I think photography is not a study of positive reality but a search for an ideal truth full of suggestion, mystery and fantasy. To take a photograph is to possess, it is an act in which knowledge and profound possession are acquired. Photography should not reproduce the visible; it should make the invisible visible.”