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Exhibition at FRAC Lorraine invites the audience to discern, decipher, construct . . . and imagine

METZ.- Digital book, electronic book, or e-book, are all terms designating the new forms given to the book, paperback, printed matter, or the manuscript. The creation and distribution of new reading tools undermine traditional modes of writing and reading which are facing a great challenge today. To enter a three-dimensional book : this is what Anja Isabel Schneider invites us to do. She sees her exhibition as a reading in itself, subject to interruptions and suspensions generated by the architecture of the space. The selected works examine the relations and interactions between the text and the reader, the condition, the act, and the process of reading which give rise to meaning. From the formes brèves1 in the space occupied by Jan Mancuška to Ewa Partum’s conceptual poems, from Amelie Dubois’ sound palimpsest to the taxonomy of words invented by Fabio Kacero, from Anna Barham’s wordplays to Charles Sandison’s