Exhibition at Cantor Arts Center Provides a Glimpse into the Practice of Modern-Day Vodou


STANFORD, CA.- Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University presents “Vodoun/Vodounon: Portraits of Initiates,” October 13, 2010 through March 20, 2011. This exhibition features 25 compelling diptychs by the Belgian photographer Jean-Dominique Burton, who pairs black-and-white portraits with color photographs for a sensitive portrayal of Vodoun practitioners and their sacred shrines. Burton’s images provide an exceptional glimpse into the esoteric domain of this traditional Fon religion, now called variously Vodou, Vodun, Vaudou, or Vaudoux. The artworks depict Burton’s journey to seek out the great Vodounons (initiates) of the religion as practiced in the heart of its birthplace, the current-day Republic of Benin. Burton’s work was also captured in a documentary video, which plays alongside the artworks in this exhibition. VOODOO, the Origins, directed by Samuel Lampaert, features interviews with the Vodoun initia