Exhibition and Karl Ströher Prize for French Artist Cyprien Gaillard


FRANKFURT.- Large demolition bulldozers, huge piles of rubble and the constant noise of the pneumatic drills at present set the tone in the vicinity of the MMK Zollamt. What was once the Technical City Hall is giving way to reconstructed buildings that will emulate Frankfurt’s original old town. Destruction, demolition and preservation are likewise central topics in the artwork and research of French artist Cyprien Gaillard (born 1980). The view out over the building site that you get from the Zollamt windows forms the ideal backdrop for the exhibition “Cyprien Gaillard” (Sept. 4 –Oct. 24, 2010). Gaillard was born in Paris and currently lives in Berlin. In recent years, he has participated in countless international exhibitions and with his unique view of the “landscapes” of today, Gaillard has, to much acclaim world-wide, inquired critically into the meaning of the concept