Exciting, Cutting-Edge Contemporary Video Installations at Philbrook Museum of Art


TULSA, OK.- Philbrook Museum of Art presents an exciting, cutting-edge contemporary exhibition entitled Adaptation: Video Installations by Guy Ben-Ner, Arturo Herrera, Catherine Sullivan and Eve Sussman & The Rufus Corporation. Organized by the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art, this touring exhibition features five works by four artists, all of whom adapt—with varying degrees of fidelity—elements of pre-existing art, literature, film, and popular culture into uniquely new video installations. The exhibition will run through January 9, 2011. All have transformed source material to make new works of art by re-envisioning classic literature, film, ballet, painting – even e-mail. Rather than simply referencing or borrowing from the originals, these artists delve into their sources while also introducing new layers of imagery and meaning. The resulting “adaptations” are far from faithful,