Euan Macdonald’s 9,000 Pieces at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- For the ninth exhibition in its PAUSE: Practice and Exchange program series, YBCA presents Los Angeles-based artist Euan Macdonald’s 9,000 Pieces. The show includes four new works investigating globalization, perception, and temporality through a single object, the piano. Macdonald’s 9,000 Pieces is the former San Francisco resident’s first Bay Area show since exhibitions at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and other local galleries in the early to mid-2000s. The show is on display from April 9 and runs through June 12, 2011. Macdonald is best known for video works which often capture everyday, fleeting moments that challenge viewers’ expectations of seemingly familiar situations. The artist also maintains an ongoing interest in sound, referencing sheet music and other instruments in his explorations of visual and audio indeterminacy. T