Entrance of Winter Illuminates Rock Painting in Baja California Archaeological Site


MEXICO CITY.- On the morning of December 21, a sunray entered a rocky shelter and illuminated the rock painting known as “El Diablito” The astronomical phenomenon of the Winter solstice that takes place every December 21st was observed at El Vallecito Archaeological Zone, Baja California, where during the first hours of the morning, sunlight entered the rocky shelter named El Diablito, marking up the change of seasons. The event took place at the rocky conjunct that lodges cave paintings created by Kumiai, a semi-nomad group that dwelled this area, building huts, manufacturing tools, processing food and capturing diverse aspects of their life and cosmogony. In a wall of the space known as El Diablito (the Little Devil), considered the most relevant at the site, a 20 centimeters-high anthropomorphic