Eli Klein Fine Art presents Shen Shaomin ~ An Unconventional NYC Solo


Shen Shaomin - "Obama", 2009 - Oil on canvas, silica gel frame, 59 x 70 7/8 x 3 1/8 inches. (150 x180 x 8 cm) - Photo: Courtesy Eli Klein Fine Art, NYC

NEW YORK, NY.- Eli Klein Fine Art presents Shen
Shaomin’s first solo exhibition in New York. A world renowned conceptual artist,
Shen Shaomin pushes unconventional materials to new limits. His art comments on
contemporary issues from politics to human nature. This exhibition will feature
Shen Shaomin’s new bonsai ink paintings. These delicate paintings on silk are
created in the manner of traditional Chinese paintings, yet the subject matter,
Shaomin’s tortured bonsai trees, is of great contemporary significance. The
exhibition will be on view from June 10 through July 14, 2010.