Eleven Fine Art in London Presents a Photography Group Show

artwork: Jane Hilton - "Shiprock, New Mexico", 2006 - C-Type hand print - 58.5 x 71 cm. - Edition of 10 - Courtesy of Eleven, London. On view in "From the Road" until March 17th.

London.- Eleven Fine Art is pleased to present “From the Road” featuring Rob Carter, Harry Cory Wright, Rick Giles, Ken Griffiths, Paul Hill, Jane Hilton, Josef Hoflehner, Peter Newman, Sam Pelly, Wim Wenders and David Yarrow. The exhibition explores each artist’s unique and varied perspective of the environments which inspire them. “From the Road” is on view at the gallery through March 17th. From natural phenomenon to immense urban structures, the photographs featured convey a strong sense of location. Carefully considering their environments, these artists capture an experience of being in a place. Their personal and evocative relationship with the space around them is articulated, revealing atmospheres from wonderment or adventure to solitude and loneliness.