Elements, Objects and Groupings by Jean-Pascal Flavien at Galerie Michel Rein


PARIS.- This exhibition at galerie Michel Rein brings together part of an ensemble of elements, objects and groupings, from small cubes to the large volume of the “Two Persons House” currently being built in a garden in the Lapa quarter of Sao Paulo. This house lays out a relationship between two people, two selves, A and B, two spaces, intertwined together. The house constructs this ”relationship” or bipolarity in the design of the space, the space itself marked by two colours, red and blue. For these two people, living in this house would be what Maurice Merleau-Ponty calls “the power to let yourself be undone and redone by an actual other”. The house is made up of several discontinuous elements or grouping of elements. There are three types which are principally differentiated by their size. They could be described as static, mobile and ephemeral. The principal of cubes and allotments creates equiv