Eight Large-Scale Oil Paintings by Los Angeles Artist Christian Vincent at Mike Weiss Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Mike Weiss Gallery presents Tunnel Vision, the second solo show at the gallery by Los Angeles based artist Christian Vincent. This show consists of eight large-scale oil paintings, in which the artist deconstructs notions of the collective. This exhibition is on view from January 13th through February 12th 2011. In comparison with Vincent’s previous body of work, Tunnel Vision is notably reduced in palette, line, and narrative. Even the subject matter, while adhering to the male figure, is more stark and streamlined. Vincent is not concerned with mastering anatomical expertise but rather with conveying a polemical undertone, and intentionally leaves the works in contentious balance, overlapping political propaganda and Pop culture. It is upon immediate encounter with the works that their massive scale divulges their confrontational underpinning. Being larger than human size, the boys depicted